Roma: Michael Culture Workshop: Innovative services for tourism

Roma, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale

20 March 2013 - Eventi MICHAEL-MINERVA

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Venue :

Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma
Saletta Conferenze
viale del Castro Pretorio, 105, ROMA

Organised by the Michael Culture Working Group on Innovative services for the general public in the framework of the AthenaPlus project


Europe is the first touristic destination in the world: in 2010, it was visited by almost half billion tourists. Cultural tourism plays a significant attraction role, and is estimated to account for around 40% of all European tourism.

Information and communication technologies have allowed the development of new services in the cultural tourism field, shifting from traditional to new ways of approaching cultural resources: digital tourism is offering great opportunities to renew and enrich the visitors’ experiences. Adapting to technologies and uses, it tends to become more and more connected to social media, geolocated, and in mobility. In the same time, it contributes to enhance cultural heritage attractiveness, sustainability and quality, and favours its accessibility.

Organized by Michael Culture Association, dedicated to cultural heritage valorization, this workshop, IN ENGLISH, aims at sharing best practices examples and innovative projects on digital tourism in Europe. 

Audience: Professionals from the Cultural heritage and tourism fields, new technologies and innovative services.


9:00 Registration

9:30h – 10h
Athena+ project and Michael Culture Association

Rossella Caffo (MIBAC – ICCU, AthenaPlus Coordinator)

10h – 10:30h
Francigena Librari, Historic, cultural and religious itineraries

Adriana Martinoli (MiBAC, Direzione generale per le biblioteche, gli istituti culturali e il diritto d’autore)

10:30h – 11:00h
French projects
(Marie-Véronique Leroi, French Ministry of Culture and communication)

11:00h – 11:15h Coffee break

11:15h – 11:45h
Creative Cultural Heritage project
½ Franco Niccolucci, Universita di Firenze

11:45 – 12:00
Greek projects
| Gerasimou Panagiota, Maria Kotlida, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism

12:00 – 12:30
APPasseggio APP: an application targeted to “as if tourists”
(Maria Teresa Natale,  Associazione culturale GoTellGo)

12h30 – 13h00
Conclusions and questions and answers   

This event is organised with the support of Osservatorio tecnologico per i beni e le attività culturali


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