Presidenza italiana EU 2014



Research Infrastructures and e-Infrastructures for Cultural Heritage

in cooperation with the European project ARIADNE

Rome, 13-14 November 2014, National Central Library of Rome
Viale Castro Pretorio 105, Conference Hall

Simultaneous translation Italian-English

Final remarks (PDF, 401 kb)

The International conference will focus on how e-Infrastructures and Research Infrastructure, operating in the Cultural Heritage domain,  are collaborating together to integrate the existing different research data infrastructures, so as to allow researchers to use distributed data and new and powerful technologies to enhance the research methodology in the field of exploitation and conservation of cultural heritage. 

It will provide an overview of the strategic, scientific and organizational issues related to the development of virtual communities of interdisciplinary researchers and experts from cultural institutions analyzing what the e-Infrastructure may offer  to them.  The main objective is  to implement services and tools tailored to their specific needs, enabling digital research environments.

The challenges  for the development of an e-Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage is based on the re-use of tools and services from existing infrastructures and projects at national and/or European level as appropriate for the integration of heterogeneous data from multiple sources and value-added services for computing, simulation, and data exploration, mining and visualisation.

The perspective, within Horizon 2020, is to enhance the effective collaboration between research infrastructures and e-Infrastructure providers in order to foster higher efficiency and productivity thanks to reliable and easy access to discovery and re-use of data.

The conference program presents an opening session with political remarks; a session that introduces E-infrastructures services and organizational aspects for the digital cultural heritage and a session presenting the most important Research Infrastructures in cultural heritage sector.

Vision document (PDF, 1,339 kb)